Hills acquires NZ security company

The Hills group has announced the acquisition of Auckland’s Intek Security Group, adding to its security offerings in New Zealand.

The Australian reports that the Intek was picked up for an undisclosed sum.

The move is also in line with CEO Ted Pretty’s strategy to move the company away from its old-world manufacturing beginnings and concentrate on electronics and communications.

The company had long been known for its iconic rotary clothes line, made in Adelaide, dating back to 1945.

Pretty has been reported saying that he would like three-quarters of Hills’ revenues to come from electronics and communications in four years’ time.

New Zealand subsidiary Hills NZ Limited adds Intek to Hills Electronic Security, its core security business in that country. HES is also New Zealand’s biggest security equipment supplier, notes IT Brief, offering everything “from simple domestic alarm systems up to complex integrated access, surveillance and CCTV systems used in commercial and industrial applications.”

Image: dialyork.com