High-Purity Alumina Project granted Major Project Status

High-Purity Alumina Project

FYI Resources, a resources company that produces alumina, has been granted federal government Major Project Status for its $269 million High-Purity Alumina Project in Kwinana, Western Australia, boosting capacity to produce lithium-ion batteries among others. 

The project will include the development and operation of a mine and processing plant to produce alumina for exports. 

High-purity alumina was identified in the Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Processing National Manufacturing Priority Road Map as an opportunity for more advanced processing onshore. 

The resource is sought after for properties and qualities including corrosion and scratch resistance, high brightness and ability to withstand extreme temperatures. 

The High-Purity Alumina project is expected to support 200 people during construction and 140 ongoing staff over the life of the project, according to minister for Industry, Science and Technology Christian Porter. 

“The project will use an innovative process for producing the high-purity alumina which is expected to have a lower environmental footprint than the traditional production,” Porter said. 

“Not only will it improve global supplies of alumina, with forecast export revenue of $6.8 billion, but the project will also provide a raft of economic and job benefits for regional communities in Western Australia.” 

The projects also complements the government’s Critical Minerals Strategy, according to minister for Resources, Water and Northern Australia Keith Pitt. 

“The project will process up to 198,000 tonnes of high-purity alumina within the initial 25-year project timeframe, with an annual production capacity of 8,000 tonnes per annum and will supply directly to China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Europe and North America,” Pitt said. 

“In addition, it supports Australia’s policy to have more down-stream processing capabilities developed locally.” 

Major Project Status will help FYI Resources to access extra support, coordination and information services from the Major Projects Facilitation Agency. The Major Projects Facilitation Agency acts as a single-entry point into the Australian government regulatory approvals pathway. 

More information on the Major Projects Facilitation Agency and the full list of current major projects is available on the Major Projects Facilitation Agency website. 

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