High power lasers take welding and cladding to the next level

AUSTRALIAN distributor Raymax Lasers has won contracts to install new High Power Diode Lasers into two companies in Australia, both involved in the manufacture and refurbishment of metal parts and assemblies.

The delivery of these Lasers will reportedly bring to Australia state-of-the-art HPDL systems for demanding metal applica tions. This presents a significant leap forward in implementing efficient, clean and advanced technologies.

At Brenco Surface Engineering in Canning Vale, Western Australia, the laser will provide a cost effective and improved means to perform surface treat ment or coating processes to resist erosion, corrosion, and thermal fatigue on many base metals.

The solution comprises a Laserline System with a 6kW laser source coupled into a 1mm diameter optical fibre.

The beam, shaped by Diffraction Optical Elements, will ensure homogeneous energy distribution across square or linear laser spots.

The laser head will include a coaxial nozzle through which gas and metallic powder are injected into the beam, fusing it with the base material.

In one single operation, the substrate is coated, alloyed or locally reworked, yielding high precision and excellent re-productivity in laser cladding and coating.

A second Diode laser solution is being installed in New South Wales at LaserBond in Ingleburn. The laser is an HPDL model with an 8kW laser source coupled into a 600um diameter fibre.

The optical head is attached to a robotic arm. This Laserline sys tem is replacing an existing machine and is said to offer much higher wall plug efficiency for a more sustainable process.

The targeted application is metal cladding in both the manu facture and reclamation of indus trial components. The laser source will be used for metal welding as well.

Laser welding is characterised by high welding speed, high lev els of stability and very low dis tortion while producing excellent weld seam surfaces.

The emergence of diode Lasers, capable of coupling high power beams with continu ously improved beam quality into flexible optical fibres, requires a new assessment by Australian industry.

Raymax Lasers is pleased to be involved with innovation and improvement in operations using laser technology, and to provide professional advice, support and service to Australian companies.

[*Lexie Henderson-Lancett is marketing specialist at Raymax.]

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