Heavy-duty conveyor’s no rubbish

BRUNTON Engineering & Construction has recently commissioned two new, heavy-duty slatted belt conveyors for SKM Recycling’s new Waste Recovery Facility in South Geelong, Victoria, capable of handling 500 tonnes of waste per day.

SKM Recycling, founded in 1999, now has four recycling sites across Melbourne and Geelong, recycling household waste and distributing it to 12 councils across the state. 

With daily recycling exceeding 500 tonnes, SKM also provides recyclable collection services to schools, hospitals, government departments, and from commercial and industrial businesses. Sorted recycled products are then on-sold to packaging, clothing, plastic furniture, and paper and cardboard manufacturers. 

The SKM Recycling project consisted of one horizontal conveyor for loading of waste products from the recovery trucks, and one incline conveyor for delivery of the waste products to the existing sorting systems conveyor. 

The horizontal conveyor is 12 meters long, and the incline conveyor is 13.25 meters long and then elevates 6.5 meters at 35 degrees. Both conveyors feature a 1,800mm-wide rubber belt, and have the capacity to move up to 20 tonnes of waste products per hour.

The waste recovery trucks deliver to the SKM Recycling site all waste products as collected from household domestic recycling waste bins. The contents can contain all manner of household waste products from cardboard, cans and glass, to non-compliant items such as automotive batteries, and automotive engine components. The calculated density of the waste product is 0.4 tonnes per cubic metre. 

The complete design and construction of the two heavy-duty slatted belt conveyors was completed at Brunton Engineering’s Somerton, Victoria, engineering workshops. 

The company selected and installed two 3kW NORD multi-stage geared motor assemblies for this unusual application. The NORD multi-stage assembly comprises of a combination of one NORD Helical bevel gearbox and one NORD Helical inline gearbox, close coupled together to provide a large range of slow output speeds and very high torque capacities.

The NORD multi-stage assemblies are identified by the NORD type designation ‘SK9072.1/32AZK-112LH/4TF’. All of NORD’s Helical bevel and Helical inline gearboxs feature NORD’s Unicase construction, offering a rigid, single-cast housing with high overhung load capacity. Featuring double output shaft seals fitted as standard equipment, these NORD assemblies proved to be ideal for the dirty and arduous conditions endured in the SKM recycling plant. 

The NORD multi-stage gearbox design utilises a very high ratio of 473.22:1, and provides an output speed of 3.0 rpm. With the electric motor power of 3 kW, these assemblies will deliver a massive 9581 Nm of torque. The NORD hollow shaft design facilitated easy fitment, and the geared motors were secured with the NORD ‘K’ type bottom mount torque arm.

[Tony Sculpher is regional sales manager for NORD Drivesystems AU.]

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