Heat pump solution for industrial applications

GEA’s RedAstrum series is a standardised heat ammonia heat pump solution for indoor installation in industrial uses and local heat distribution networks.

Distribution of heat to the users takes place via a water cycle. Heat exchangers, as they are already used in the efficient GEA Blu chillers, assure excellent heat transfer from the ammonia medium to the heating medium.

The heat pump provides heat at a temperature level up to 80 degrees Celsius, which also makes it effective for preparation and supply of hot water in industrial processes. With tis four model sizes, the new RedAstrum series covers the range of approximately 1-25MW of maximum heating duty, with temperature increase of 40-17 degrees Celsius. The unit operates in conjunction with sources that provide heat in the range of 10-40 degrees Celsius.

Maximum efficiency is acquired by quiet-operating, speed-controlled screw compressors form the GEA Grasso M series that are designed for application at pressures of up to 52 bar and that demonstrate an optimal internal volume ratio. The typical rotor profile plays a key role here for the high efficiency of the RedAstrum. In addition to speed control, these compressors are equipped with continuously variable output slide control, which enables extremely low part-load operation as well as soft starts.

In compact, narrow design (unit width of 1.4 or 1.6m) and small footprint enable the nit t be installed in existing machine rooms. This means it is well suited to replace conventional heating systems, claims the manufacturer. It is delivered in one piece, ready for connection, and comes from the factory with the GEO Omni control system, which can be quickly and intuitively operated with a colour-touch display by operating staff and service technicians.