Hearing Protection From Industrial Noise

Noisy environments within industrial work places can often be a hazard. Whether it is a foundry, manufacturing plant, automotive repair shop or construction site, noise is a constant. Some noises, such as the radio playing, are usually a passive, non-intrusive sound that accompanies a work day. However, plant, machines, jack hammers, diggers and a whole range of other work gear can cause damage to hearing.

Then there is the impulse noise – that sudden loud, ear-splitting sound that occurs when a nail-gun is fired, or an air-compressor reaches its apex. Not only can these sudden sounds have an adverse effect on hearing, they can also startle a worker, which can be hazardous if they are carrying out a dangerous operation.

Hearing protection devices (HPD) can vary depending on the type of work being carried out. Some industries – such as carpentry, transportation and warehousing – have sporadic noises. Earplugs and other low-end options can cover these types of sounds. However, manufacturing, mining and other heavy industries have constant, high volume, aggressive noise. These types of situations require a more comprehensive solution.


So what is the best protection? 3M has a range of hearing and communication devices for all occasions that meet the needs of any industry.

In work environments where constant, high-volume noise is hazardous to hearing, one of 3M’s premier products are the PELTOR electronic level-dependent hearing protectors. They have a series of features designed to not only minimise the impact sound has on the ear drum, but also to allow employees to communicate with fellow workers.

Active Hearing Protectors

The PELTOR range uses electronic technology to not only protect a user’s hearing, but also to improve communication in noisy environments.

So why choose this device over similar products? Because the PELTOR electronic level-dependent hearing protector has a couple of features that make it stand out from its competition. First, there are the in-built environmental microphones, which pick up non-hazardous sounds – such as talking – and reproduce them inside the device. Users control the sounds via a volume button. These microphones also assist in reducing excessive ambient noise, limiting the sound to 82dB at the wearer’s ear canal. (82 dB is about the loudness of a washing machine or garbage disposal unit).

Another key feature is that the headset allows wearers to hear effectively when there is low noise without having to remove the device. This is particularly beneficial in environments where instructions are an important part of the work day, yet hearing protection must be worn at all times due to the unpredictable occurrence of impact or impulse noises (e.g. construction sites and shooting training facilities).

When fitting a 3M PELTOR electronic level-dependent device always make sure the fit is proper so workers can take advantage of all the features the device has to offer.

Download the 3M whitepaper and discover how an efficient headset not only protects workers’ hearing but is also an excellent tool for clear communications.

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