Hazer Group and Sydney Uni to collaborate on graphite and hydrogen technology

Hazer Group has  finalised  commercial  negotiations  with  the  University  of Sydney regarding collaboration on its low cost graphite and hydrogen production technology.

The company said in a statement the collaboration will enable  it  to  undertake  the  scale up and process development work  required  for  the Hazer Process significantly  faster  than previously anticipated. 

The  development  work  will  be  done  in  collaboration  with  the  University’s  Laboratory  of  Sustainable  Technologies  (LST).  The  LST  has  particular  expertise  in  graphite  and  nano‐materials  technology as well as chemical engineering  scale  up expertise and experience in  the “hydrogen economy”. The relationship will give Hazer access to LST’s facilities which are ideally set up t undertake the development work Hazer requires.

 Whilst  the  agreement  is  still  subject  to  formal  documentation  being  completed,  the  negotiations  cover  all  core  commercial  aspects  of  the  relationship  and  contain  interim  provisions  to  enable  Hazer  to  have  immediate  access  to  the  facilities  for  planning  and  preparatory activities. Completion and execution of formal  documentation  is expected  to  require less than 6 weeks.   

Hazer  will  continue  to  actively  manage  and  direct  all  activities  undertaken  with  Sydney  University, and  the Company’s Chief Technical Officer, Dr Andrew Cornejo, will  relocate  to  Sydney. Hazer will provide the operating funds for the development work which will see the University provide two full time researchers to work with the Company.   

Hazer  will  own  all  Intellectual  Property  developed  through  the  Sydney  University  collaboration and so will continue  to own all  the intellectual Property associated with  the  Hazer Process royalty and encumbrance‐free.   

The key activities being undertaken in collaboration with the LST are the ongoing scale up of  the Hazer process  to operate at kgs per day of product,  representing an increase of up  to  100  times  the  operating  level  undertaken  to  date.    In  addition,  the  collaboration  will  see  further characterisation and analysis of  the graphite produced by  the Hazer Process under  different  conditions  to  ensure  it  is  best  able  to  meet  end  user  demands  in  key  graphite  markets.      

“The establishment of this collaboration framework with Sydney University will significantly  enhance the commercial development of the Hazer Process” said Hazer Managing Director  Geoff Pocock.  “Sydney University’s LST facilities are world class and ideal for the Company’s  development needs.”

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