Hastings Deering to open new facility after fire last year

Hastings Deering will soon open the doors to its new Mackay facility.

It comes after a fire at the Caterpillar distributor's machinery plant close to a year ago.

The fire occurred in the plant's service station.

At the time Hastings said the parts department was quickly back in operation but service operations would be "slightly affected".

According to the Daily Mercury the new $9 million workshop built to replace the burnt down one will be opened this afternoon.

The charred remains of the previous workshops as knocked down to make room for the new workshops, and is reportedly larger and contains thicker concrete pads for the larger trucks expected.

The company put the quick 10 month turnaround down to the fact that builders were luckily already on site at the time of the fire.

"We actually had engaged our builders to start a new extension of another one of our workshops the day of the fire," Hastings' business development manager Evelyn Robins said.

"So they did it at the same time. It's been quite a mammoth task."

While Robins declined to state what caused the blaze, it is understood that welding is believed to be behind it.

"It's just one of those things that happened," she said, adding that the most important thing is that all staff were safely evacuated at the time.

"But we were able to get all the staff off site without anyone being injured."


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