Hallmark confirms NZ job losses

Greeting card manufacturer Hallmark will cut 106 jobs from
its New Zealand operation, as it abandons its fully integrated model and
partners with another company.

Stuff.co.nz reports that the identity of that partner has
not yet been announced and that most of the affected staff will be part-time

Hallmark’s Australasian managing director Russell Parker
told stuff.co.nz that the company intends to transfer as many Hallmark
employees as possible to the new distributor.

“We know there’s no scenario where all jobs will
[vanish]. It’s simply matter of working out precisely how many,” he said.

Speaking to Radio New Zealand’s Checkpoint programme on Tuesday, Parker said that retailers now require things such as wider product ranges,
faster processing of orders.

“I don’t want this to sound like we’re the victims of
what the retailers are asking for. They’re doing it to us, they’re in a
competitive environment. They’re asking for the best possible service for our
current model because our warehouse is in Melbourne, because our staff are
remote, because of the size of our business with some of these retailers just
makes it unviable,” he said.