Griffith University: new CRC to help “regenerate” local manufacturing

Queensland’s Griffith University has said that its expertise and “outward looking focus” are ideal fits for the new Innovative Manufacturing CRC.

Griffith University, which has offered 3D printing classes for Bachelor of Digital Media students 2013, is among the research institutions that are part of the new IMCRC.

Dr Jennifer Loy, Program Leader of Industrial Design at Griffith, said, “It’s the perfect synergistic relationship as Griffith University has a collaborative working model and are particularly good at cross disciplinary projects – which innovative manufacturing creates – and we are keen to work with industrial partners on pushing the capabilities of innovative manufacturing for their new applications.

“…We have researchers working in disciplines as diverse as regenerative medicine and fashion, dentistry and industrial design who all bring experience in these technologies, which means we have the expertise available to work side by side with the IMCRC to regenerate our manufacturing industries.”

The CRC was announced on May 26, and has additive manufacturing process as one of its four research themes.

It is supported by $40 million in federal government funding, as well as $210 million cash and in-kind support from industry, researchers, and state governments.



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