Greens push for electric car manufacturing in SA

The Greens believe electric car manufacturing should come to South Australia when Holden ceases its car making operations there in 2017.

CarsGuide reports that New Greens Senator Robert Simms said electric car makers could use Holden’s Elizabeth facilities and fill the looming void in the labour market.

As such, he plans to introduce a bill into the Senate calling for $800 million of the Federal Government’s $2.5 billion Automotive Transformation Scheme to be allocated to green car making.

"This is a great opportunity to keep the car industry alive and get a piece of the action because we know the electric-car industry is going to be a multi-billion dollar industry," Simms said.

As The New Daily reports, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is less averse to the environmental movement than his predecessor. He is a fan of Tesla’s luxury electric vehicles and visited the company’s Californian factory in early this year.

However, there is no indication that the Government would be likely to support Senator Simms’ bill.

A spokesman for the Prime Minister told The New Daily: “The decision for Tesla to set up a manufacturing operation in Australia is a commercial decision for the company.”

And there is no reason to believe making electric vehicles in this country would be any more attractive than making conventional vehicles.

A spokesman for industry minister Christopher Pyne told CarsGuide the Greens’ proposal shows they don’t have “a proper grip on industry policy".

"The Automotive Transformation Scheme does not limit component manufacturers to specific technologies or to supplying only Australian motor-vehicle producers in order to be eligible for assistance," the spokesman said.

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