Greens, Labor want inquiry into firearm laws, 3D printed guns

Senate inquiry initiated by the Greens and supported by the opposition would examine
current gun laws and whether emerging issues including 3D printed guns were being
adequately controlled.

News Corp reports that The Greens’ Penny Wright, the party’s legal affairs spokeswoman,
was drafting the terms of reference for the inquiry.

“My inquiry will
look at how the illegal gun trade is working; who’s behind it, how they are
operating, and what we can do about it,” she said in a statement.

want to find out whether police have all the resources they require and what
laws or systems Australia might need to deal with 3D printing of weapons, which
currently can’t be detected by security scanners.”

The inquiry has the
support of Labor, according to the opposition’s justice spokesman David Feeney.

push for an inquiry follows the release of the global Small Arms Survey,
showing Australia behind only the US, Canada and Germany as an importer of
small arms an ammunition.

Last month a Queensland Palmer United Party state MP introduced a private members bill concerned with banning the making or ownership of 3D printed guns.

Image: News Corp