Greens call for more local content ahead of taskforce report

Greens industry spokesperson Adam Bandt has called on the Manufacturing Industry Taskforce to push for local content rules ahead of its report release.

The Taskforce has released its report today, which looks at "mapping out a shared vision for the future of Australia's manufacturing sector", according to the group.

Bandt demanded more focus on local content rules for mining projects, to support the manufacturing industry.

"Australian manufacturing needs a roadmap for the future," Bandt said.

"I am hopeful the taskforce will make some useful recommendations. Linking investment with innovation and skills and training will be vital. But we need to have an industry policy with teeth so it needs to include local content rules.

"Many successful resource economies such as Canada and Brazil have local content rules. There is no reason why Australia can't do the same."

One of the major developments expected from this report is a push for more government "co-investment", the AFR reports.

One Australian manufacturer, SMC, recently told Manufacturers' Monthly "we really need more government initiatives to help drive training in the industry and to create these [underdeveloped] skills sets."

Illawarra Mp Stephen Throsby recently stated even the current government's backbenchers are concerned that the government isn't doing enough.

"The government needs to support manufacturing they need to look at the bigger picture," SMC managing director Wayne Driver stated. 

"There are a lot of challenges we face right now, and manufacturing needs to look at how to do things better to grow again, but the government have a major part to play in this," he said.

BCA president Tony Shepherd agreed, telling the AFR that government assistance is vital for the industry, but adding that it should be short term, and providing the help to make the industry self sustaining in the longer term.

Funding linked to performance benchmarks have been outlined as one of the key factors.


To read the report in full click here.


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