Governments should by Aussie-made: Vic Opposition

The Victorian Opposition says governments across the country should be forced to buy Australian-made made cars in order to support local manufacturers.

In light of Holden's decision to axe 500 workers Opposition leader Daniel Andrews told reporters governments should focus on buying Australian-made vehicles.


Andrews also defended government support of the manufacturing industry, and claimed the sector produced economic and skill benefits for the entire country.


“The thing that should be considered nationally is not a withdrawal from the automotive sector but in fact a national procurement and purchasing, national buy-local campaign, so that every car that can be purchased in any government fleet across Australia is in fact an Australian-made vehicle,” he said.


“That would be a step forward, that's the sort of thing that we should be putting on the COAG table and if we have to have an argument, then so be it.”


Andrews' call follows union anger over Energy Safe Victoria's plans to buy foreign-made cars for its workforce.


Last month the Australian Workers Union said the decision was a “slap in the face” for local workers, and the Department said it was undertaking a review of its purchasing policy.