Government sues QLD boat maker

The South Australian Government is suing a manufacturer for allegedly supplying it with a search and rescue boat that failed to live up to expectations.

ABC News reports the SA Government spent over $280,000 on the vessel in 2007, and in a statement to the Adelaide District Court the Government said the boat did not deliver on the terms of the contract.

The Government said the vessel “can't be operated as requested at continuous speed of at least 28 knots, fully equipped, full of fuel with a crew of six people, at an operational range of up to 200 nautical miles”.

The Government is also claiming money for a trailer associated with the vessel, which it says broke after around six months on the road.

Queensland-based Noosa Cat supplied the boat, and has denied any wrongdoing.

The company said the Government was to blame for any corrosion on the trailer, because it stored the equipment in a “salt water environment” and failed to properly clean it.

The company also said the Government had not previously sought to return any the equipment, and the two-year warranty period had now expired.