Government providing $249m and 1,000 cadetships to boost manufacturing

The government is providing $249 million to manufacturers who team up with universities, along with 1,000 new engineering cadetships, in a bid to promote in-depth research and product development.

The $249 million fund comes courtesy of the Industrial Transformation Research Program, a government initiative that seeks to deliver policy and programs that advance Australian research and innovation globally, while benefitting the community.

Under the Program, manufacturers working in the metals, food, energy, textiles, building and automotive sectors will benefit from research expertise and knowledge to tackle difficult problems in their sectors.

The Program will also offer more than 1,000 engineering cadetships, over the next four years, so students can get the work experience they need to kick-start their careers in manufacturing and other Australian industries.

The Program also offers: new research training centres that will provide quality industrial doctoral and postdoctoral training for up to 600 PhD students each year; and new research hubs bringing researchers and industry representatives together to design and engineer commercially and technically viable solutions to some of our most pressing industrial problems. 

“Australia is endowed with top quality researchers and top quality industry – this new alliance bringing the two together just makes good sense,” said Innovation Minister Senator Kim Carr.

“As a result, Australia’s research effort will be better aligned with the needs of Australian industry.

“This Government has provided researchers with the best research infrastructure the country can afford – now we can give these cadets the best training experiences too.”


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