Google to move into glass manufacturing

Google is investing in a Taiwanese company that manufacturers micro chips used in its Google Glass, the eyeglass-enabled devices it is currently testing.

The Boston Globe reports that the deal is with Taiwan-based Himax Technologies. Google will secure a 6.3 percent stake in the Himax Display subsidiary in the form of preferred shares. And Google will also have an option to buy more shares and raise its stake to 14.8 percent.

In a press release, Himax said that the purpose of the investment is to "expand capacity and further enhance production capabilities."

According to The Verge, this is a signal that Himax plans to increase glass production.

Google has not released much detail of its glass manufacturing plans. However, in April executive chairman Eric Schmidt said that a product for consumers is about a year away.

The Google Glass  is an eyeglass-enabled device that can shoot photos and video and access the Internet.

Himax Technologies now owns 81.5 percent of Himax Display and has decided to remain the subsidiary’s majority shareholder.

The deal is expected to close this quarter.

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