GM sales rise in US despite safety scandal

General Motors sold 267,000 vehicles in the US for the month
of June, a one per cent rise from the same time last year, despite a safety scandal.

AAP reports that sales of the redesigned Chevrolet Tahoe big
SUV almost doubled, while sales of the Buick Encore small SUV increased by 82
per cent.

The good result comes despite the fact that GM has recalled more than 28 million cars this year. The high number of recalls follows a
long-running saga over faulty car ignitions.

In that scandal, the company delayed recalling Chevrolet
Cobalt and other small and, as a result, 54 crashes occurred and at least 13
people died. As a result of the mishandling of the recall, GM sacked 15 of its

Commenting on the sales result, Kurt McNeil, GM’s U.S. vice
president of Sales Operations said in a statement, “June was the third very
strong month in a row for GM, with every brand up on a selling-day adjusted

“In fact, the first half of the year was our best retail
sales performance since 2008, driven by an outstanding second quarter.”

He added that GM’s commercial fleet sales have increased
every month since November.

“It’s clear that our commercial and small business customers
are expecting a strong second half of the year and they are building their
fleets to meet demand,” McNeil said.