Global manufacturers to lift off from SA

Global space companies have come to South Australia, with two major announcements during the convergence of space enterprises on Adelaide for the Space Forum and Australian Space Research Conference.

Launch facility, Southern Launch, has signed its first agreement with a rocket company to have regular launches from its yet to be finalised rocket launch facility on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula.

Perigree Aerospace, a South Korean company, signed a Launch Facilities Agreement with Southern Launch, and is looking to the site to provide a site for its small launch vehicle, Blue Whale, which will lift small satellites into low altitude, high inclination orbits for weather, remote sensing and imaging purposes.

According to a statement from Southern Launch, Perigree Aerospace has multiple customers already signed to this platform. CEO of Southern Launch, Lloyd Damp, highlighted that the two companies shared affinities.

“Perigee Aerospace shares our key values of efficient operations and high levels of safety for both the public and the environment, and this signing establishes a partnership based on trust and implicit understandings about their usage of our launch site,” said Damp.

CEO of Perigree, Yoon Shin, highlighted that the distinctiveness of Southern Launch made it attractive as a launch site.

“The unique launch capability offered by Southern Launch is a perfect match for our micro-lift rocket. We look forward to launching our rocket from Australia in the near future,” said Shin.

During the summit, US-space company Tyvack also announced that it would set up shop at space hub, Lot Fourteen.

The company will establish a manufacturing facility for the integration and testing of space vehicles.

Director of Tyvack Australia, Dr Marco Villa, highlighted that in choosing Lot Fourteen, Tyvack hopes to tap into South Australian expertise.

“By hiring local talent, tapping into local resources and applying our agile aerospace processes, we aim to accelerate commercial and defence space missions while growing the local supply chain and national space ecosystem,” said Villa.

Tyvack has said that they will develop a ground station antenna at Nova Systems in Peterborough, and have already agreed with Myriota to build nanosatellites.

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