Gillard to announce Anti-Dumping regime

Prime Minister Julia Gillard will today announce an Anti-Dumping Commission.

Complaints about dumping, where importers sell goods below cost, have increased threefold in the last two years.

The commission follow the release of the review by former Victorian premier John Brumby, reported by Manufacturers’ Monthly and others. The Brumby Anti-Dumping Review found Australia was underperforming in the prevention of dumping, and there should be an agency dedicated to combating dumpers.

The commission will be based in Victoria, Australia’s biggest manufacturing state, and the government will pledge $24.4 million extra in funding against illegal dumping, as well as 55 new trade investigators.

"It's neither fair nor efficient for Australian manufacturers or their workers to be harmed economically by products dumped into Australia," Gillard told News Limited.

The opposition supports Brumby Report, and has said that it was a “belated endorsement” of its policies.

“The Coalition has long said that the existing anti-dumping laws are cumbersome, slow and prohibitively expensive for many Australian businesses to utilise,” said industry spokeswoman Sophie Mirabella last week.

“It is unfortunate that Labor has needed to go to the substantial trouble and expense of hiring Mr Brumby to tell them the same thing.”

Dumping is an issue for manufacturers in industries such as steel, and it has been encouraged by factors including the high dollar and a weak global economy leading to a glut of unsold goods.

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