GFG Alliance announces push to drive sustainable production

GFG Alliance yesterday announced the creation of a new global low carbon aluminium group to drive sustainable production of materials for the automotive and other manufacturing sectors.

ALVANCE Aluminum Group will be headquartered in Paris and bring together GFG Alliance’s assets across the aluminium supply chain – from raw materials through to finished components – to drive synergies that will help the business meet ever increasing market challenges and take full advantage of opportunities to expand.

“The creation of ALVANCE highlights the global nature of our ambitions. We’ve made huge progress in both consolidating our steel network worldwide and delivering higher value-added products to our consumers,” chairman of GFG Alliance, Sanjeev Gupta, said.

“Given the rise in customer demand for stronger, lighter-weight, recyclable materials, we see aluminium as a key opportunity for growth and sustainable profitability. However, we operate in an international market that’s both cyclical and under competitive pressure, and so by combining our businesses, we’re looking to achieve greater synergies, increase efficiencies and ensure the business is fit to meet the challenges ahead. ALVANCE is a key supplier to Europe’s automotive and general industrial space so the unique selling point of GREENALUMINIUM is a strong marketing proposition.”

GFG Alliance says that it intends to be at the vanguard of sustainable production of materials that will help the automotive and other manufacturing sectors deliver greener and more efficient products.

Liberty House Group, part of the GFG Alliance, was reported as being in discussion with aluminum producer Alcoa and the Victorian government, in December last year, about purchasing Alcoa’s smelter in Portland, Victoria.

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