Get More out of Your Mobile Machines with Advanced Dialogue Modules

Technology is becoming the most critical and valued element of business operational productivity.  Its capacity to improve visibility, tracking and traceability, efficiency, safety, communication and profitability grows every day – as new innovations enter the market.

As a result, there is an increasing demand for large powerful process and dialogue modules for operation and visualisation in almost all mobile machines operating within the heavy industries including but not limited to;

Construction Machines – used in mining, quarrying, material recycling, road and building construction  

Transport & Logistics – railway maintenance vehicles, ships and large boats, container handling machines

Municipal Vehicles – waste collection/recycling machines, airports, service vehicles, highway service vehicles

In the notoriously remote and rugged environments in which this critical machinery functions, dialogue modules need to be capable of providing the highest levels of readability, storage, visualisation, parameter setting of the vehicle as well as feedback.  The result is high uptime of the machines and improved worker communication and safety.

ifm’s XXL Dialogue Module PDM360 NG-12 for mobile machines

ifm’s XXL Dialogue Module PDM360 NG-12 boasts a state-of-the-art high-resolution graphic display technology with optical bonding that enables optimum readability, even under adverse conditions like high humidity and glare.

The large 12.1” display combines a large viewing space with optical bonding technology to ensure less sun reflection and thus less glare in outdoor settings. Along with a high resolution graphic display, this means users are able to view more of their mobile’s functions and statuses on one screen with brilliant clarity.

The powerful 32-bit controller and the flexible programming according to IEC 61131-3 makes the PDM360 NG-12 a powerhouse of a dialogue module for mobile machines.

Thanks to the robust housing with IP 65 / IP 67 protection, the device can be used inside or outside vehicle cabins, for surface or panel mounting. The 4 CAN interfaces, Ethernet, Internal mass storage, USB interface and interfaces for analogue cameras and video inputs allow easy networking and communication with other vehicle components.

With industry and application know-how, ifm electronic – one of the leading manufacturers of automation technology – successfully provides system solutions that are both innovative and economical.

With over 45 years of experience in sensors and control systems, ifm know about the special requirements for mobile machinery: heat, cold, moisture, dust and vibrations – and provides devices that deliver maximum reliability even under extreme conditions.

Watch this video for more information on ifm’s XXL Dialogue Module PDM360 NG-12.