Geofabrics Australasia deploys IFS Applications 9 to benefit from embedded CRM capabilities

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, announces that Geofabrics Australasia, Australia’s only manufacturer of geosynthetic products, has upgraded to IFS Applications™ 9 to take advantage of its customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities and other new features.

Geofabrics’ range of geosynthetic products ­ like its bidim® nonwoven geotextile­are used to stabilise terrain in road and railway construction, mining and resources projects, and landfill and coastal engineering applications. The company’s geonets product for industrial drainage was named Australian Industrial Product of the Year for 2016 at the Endeavour Awards and was last month crowned the Victorian Exporter of the Year (Environmental Solutions).

Geofabrics has relied on IFS for enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions since 2005. It made the decision to upgrade to IFS Applications 9 ­ featuring robust and fully embedded CRM capabilities ­ to better support its sales team and provide more accurate forecasting.

“Geofabrics’ relationship with IFS is both valued and strategic. It is imperative that a business with sales office presence across a number of locations in Australia and New Zealand, a manufacturing presence in two Australian states and an international supply chain reaching over 30 countries, is supported with an ERP solution that allows us to deliver a strong customer and staff experience,” said Dennis Grech, Chief Operating and Financial Officer, Geofabrics Australasia.

“IFS Applications 9 now supports the company’s core business processes of manufacturing, supply chain and maintenance in addition to general business operations including finance, business analytics, sales and customer relationship management (CRM) in a single integrated enterprise solution,” said Grech.

“Upgrading to IFS Applications 9 was the natural choice to continue building the momentum of our revitalised operations,” said Brian Stewart, IT Manager, Geofabrics Australasia. “It is empowering our staff with increased functionality and a more user-friendly system with visibility across all of our Australian and New Zealand sites.”

Benefits to Geofabrics include streamlined customer communications, increased supply chain visibility, and the ability for staff to access and update information in real time, including CRM, via their mobile devices. The IFS Lobby interface, also new in IFS Applications 9, is being used to provide the right business intelligence to staff via their computers and other devices to optimise workflows and productivity.

Rob Stummer, managing director for IFS in Australia and New Zealand, added, “We are very proud to be supporting an award-winning Australian manufacturer like Geofabrics. By integrating information across its manufacturing and customer operations, Geofabrics is extending the product innovation it is known for to its services and driving continued business growth.”