Geelong investment will rediscover ‘lost craftsmanship’

New machinery will be commissioned to the Geelong Brush Company this month as part of a “significant investment designed to increase manufacturing capability and skills” in the region.

Corangamite MP Sarah Henderson has overseen the move, which is said will “reintroduce manufacturing skills and craftmanship lost to Australian production facilities”.

“The Geelong Brush Co. remains committed to local manufacture by taking advantage of world’s best practice technology and production processes,” a spokesman said.

It stands as the last bastion of local manufacturing capability for many brushware product lines in the Australian marketplace.

“The Geelong Brush Co. is constantly updating and improving its product range and have expanded greatly over recent years.”

Founded in 1936, the Geelong Brush Co. began as a quality manufacturer for small and specialised industrial markets.

During the early years, the company took advantage of improving technologies and gained entry into a wider and larger sector of the Australian brushware market.