GE hires thousands for “Industrial Internet” project

Global manufacturing giant GE has announced that it is partnering with Amazon, Accenture and Pivotal and employing “thousands” near San Francisco to develop its Industrial Internet concept.

Bloomberg, reporting from its Next Big Thing Summit, said that GE hoped to, “connect everything from jet engines to medical-imaging machines to the Web and help customers run equipment more efficiently.”

The Register explains that GE’s platform will store and make sense of industrial data, and is based on Amazon’s infrastructure cloud and analytics from Accenture.

"It's optimized to deal with this machine data which occurs at a velocity that's much faster than what you've seen on the consumer side – it has a variety that's entirely different," said Bill Ruh, GE’s head of global software, in San Francisco on Tuesday.

GE has said it is investing heavily in its concept, with its chief marketing officer Beth Comstock telling the Bloomberg conference that, “We’ve opened a software centre in the East Bay, hiring thousands of software engineers to basically bring all the great innovation you’ve seen in Silicon Valley now to industry.”

The Industrial Internet, or “Internet of things”, is something that GE has been promoting regularly, with its CEO Jeff Immelt telling journalists during an Australian visit in March that it would offer massive benefits by reductions in unplanned downtime for companies using its analytics.

Last November GE released a report claiming $10 – $15 trillion worldwide in productivity gains would be seen from the technology if it was implemented.