Gates Australia introduces new Poly Chain GT Carbon synchronous belts

Gates Australia has introduced its latest version of the Poly Chain GT Carbon synchronous belts. Designed to replace roller chain drives, Poly Chain provides higher efficiency and reliability whilst eliminating the maintenance required with traditional chain drives. Gates’ most powerful synchronous belt, specifically designed for optimum performance on high torque, low speed drives often seen in industrial applications.

An excellent alternative to chain drives, Poly Chain offers many benefits to any business.

Poly Chain GT Carbon belts are constructed using a lightweight polyurethane compound combined with carbon fibre tensile cords providing extraordinary power carrying capacity and flex fatigue life. This means Poly Chain GT Carbon has the strength to withstand shocks and surge loading, virtually immune to abrasions and is much lighter than steel chain, reducing overhung loads.

 Additionally, the new Poly Chain has a service life up to three times longer than conventional roller chain and up to ten times longer pulley life.

Poly Chain GT Carbon belts are completely maintenance-free, no messy lubrication or oil baths or re-tensioning every few months. They will not stretch during service, saving businesses time and money.

The product is also inert to most acids, chemicals and water, making it an ideal solution for wet environments – unlike roller chains, which can rust, potentially contaminating food-handling spaces.

The Poly Chain GT Carbon comes in a range of pitches, including both short and extended custom lengths.

Short length versions of the belt in 5M and 8M are suitable for industrial markets requiring a short centre distance but high-density power and offer all the benefits listed above.

Poly Chain GT Carbon is also available in up to 19M extended lengths to handle longer drive centre distances. Poly Chain GT Carbon offers a massive 96 per cent weight saving versus traditional, comparable transmission roller chains.

All Poly Chain GT Carbon belts are fully operational in temperature extremes of -54°C to +85°C and can be used for applications in a diverse range of industries.

Poly Chain GT Carbon also offers reduced width drive conversions for existing roller chain applications, and over 120,000 possible ratio combinations, making it easy to switch the drives. The space-saving, weight-saving, time-saving and money-saving drives offer a long and reliable service life.


Company: Gates Australia


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