Gaining a 360-degree view of global plastics markets

While the global demand for plastics continues to surge especially in the manufacturing, retail and healthcare sectors, plastic packaging use is being more closely scrutinised due to its environmental impact, leading to a renewed drive to tackle plastic waste from policymakers.

Government policies, constant changes in supply and demand, and crude oil futures are just some of the developments bringing about uncertainty and price movements in the global plastics industry. Understanding market dynamics and the factors driving prices can ensure that manufacturers buy raw materials at the best possible prices and at the right time to optimise company profitability.

 Trading with confidence

For over 30 years, ICIS pricing data has been the go-to resource for informing contract price settlements for manufacturers. ICIS pricing intelligence covers over 180 commodities and has dedicated coverage for key polymers for all major trading regions – Asia, China, the Middle East, Europe, CIS and the US.

Published daily and/or weekly, ICIS pricing data enable manufacturers to keep track of trading prices, understand price drivers/fluctuations, and have a reliable benchmark for contract price settlements.

ICIS pricing coverage includes: spot and contract price assessments; price history; market commentary on trends and developments; upstream and downstream movements; transactions reported and confirmed; and plant and production news. Click here to request a free sample report >>

Planning for the future

Manufacturers looking to secure contracts in the short-to-medium term will find ICIS forecast data to be valuable. Produced by consultants at ICIS, forecast reports provide access to a robust 12-month price outlook, trade balances and in-depth analysis on where plastics markets are heading. Click here to request a free sample report >>

Responding effectively to market changes

As market intelligence needs are becoming more complex, ICIS is responding with significant investment in its existing analytics, adding diagnostic and predictive capabilities to help decision makers respond more effectively to market changes.

ICIS analytics solutions are used to shape future strategies, minimise risk and maintain a competitive advantage.

  • Supply and Demand Data – The ICIS database gives manufacturers an end-to-end perspective across the global plastics market, enabling manufacturers to grasp the local or regional scenario in a global context. The data includes import and export volumes, consumption, plant capacities, production and product trade flows from 1978 up to 2040.
  • Live Supply and Demand Disruption Tracker – Real-time view of the domestic supply, plant outages and start-ups for the next 12 months, plus the impact of these changes.
  • Price Driver Analytics – Key performance indicators such as import/export parity, feedstock and downstream spreads, substitution trends and arbitrage/netback data.

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