Fuel spill at Caltex terminal

A leak at Banksmeadow’s Caltex terminal has seen three hospitalised and 175,000 litres of fuel spilled after an accident during regular valve maintenance.

The ABC reports that two workers and two firefighters were treated on the scene after coming into contact with unleaded fuel overnight.

According to The Australian Financial Review, the spill is confined to a 50 x 25 metre area, avoiding a major environmental incident.

Fire and Rescue Superintendent Tom Cooper said a malfunctioning tank valve was to blame for the mishap.

"Fire crews are on the scene and they're applying a foam blanket to the petrol to stop the fumes from coming into contact with any ignition sources," Cooper told the ABC.

"At the moment it is unleaded fuel so we're not having any problem with foam breakdown and all that does is it stops the fumes from the petrol mixing with air and forming an explosive mixture."

Caltex has said that supply will not be disrupted.


Image: Wikimedia

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