Fuchs opens world-class lubricant R&D centre in Victoria

Fuchs Lubricants has opened a ‘world-class’ Regional Lubricant Laboratory and Technical Centre in Victoria, acting as a base for research and development in the Asia Pacific region.

The opening, held at the new Laboratory and Technical Centre in Sunshine, reportedly attracted over 100 people.
Wayne Hoiles, Managing Director of Fuchs Lubricants (Australasia), gave a short speech outlining the importance of the new laboratory for the Australasian region. 
“We are the team of lubricant specialists, and this new laboratory will ensure that we continue to develop new products for our market, and provide an increased level of technical support to our customers,” he said. 
“Fuchs will continue to invest in this important market in the future.”
The Fuchs Group is reportedly at the leading edge in formulation and application technology of all types of lubricants and functional fluids. The completely refurbished centre will host some of the world’s most advanced equipment, and provides a well needed boost to local and regional lubricant development and sales, the company says.
Dr Georg Lingg, Fuchs Petrolub AG Executive Board Member, responsible for the Asia Pacific and Africa regions, also gave a short speech alongside Mr Hoiles at the event, explaining how the new laboratory is a major milestone in the global Fuchs research and development strategy. 
“Our Australasian business is of significant importance to the Fuchs Group, and the construction and equipping of the new laboratory in Melbourne is part of our global investment program to invest in the future,” explained Dr Lingg.
“As the Australasian business plays such an important role in the South East Asian region, the new laboratory will be responsible for providing technical support to the region, and will form part of both the global research and development and the technical support program.”
The opening of the new laboratory and technical centre reportedly affirms Fuchs’ commitment to research and development, and sets the standard in lubricant product development in this country.
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