Frequency Converter EFC 3610/5610: Universally Usable, Perfectly Integrable

The power of Rexroth’s line of frequency converters has been optimally extended to 90 kW. Featuring scalable option modules with Multi-Ethernet and I/O interfaces and a compact design, these frequency converters can be used for any application. And they are particularly easy to install without additional peripherals.

Saves time and space – and enhances quality

Efficient speed control is the basis for saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions – this is why the new and improved frequency converters come packed with intelligent features that meet any engineering and usability requirements.

Compact with their space-saving assembly qualities and clever option modules, and with all external components removed, they provide the ultimate in simple installation and space- saving qualities. I/O and field-bus modules provide simple extension options.

Ease of use is ensured not only due to fast parameterisation using auto-tuning, copy function or a PC (USB port), but also due to the harmonised parameters throughout the series – which saves time, improves quality, and facilitates series-production commissioning.

Benefits resulting from special product features

  • Compact and complete: space-saving installation and wiring – for simple installation and integration
  • Simply practical: removable operating unit with accumulator function, optional LCD plain text display, simple parameterization using autotuning, copy function or USB port – for quick, reliable series-production com- missioning
  • Top connectivity: modular configuration and extension possible with I/O modules and Sercos/Multi-Ethernet, PROFIBUS and CANopen
  • Flexible expandability: even with application-specific rmware (ASF)

Key technical data

▶ Power ranges: EFC 3610 1x AC 230 V 0.4 kW to 3x AC 400 V 22 kW; EFC 5610 1x AC 230 V 0.4 kW to 3x AC 400 V 90 kW

▶ V/f control (EFC 3610) or vector control (EFC 5610)

▶ High starting torque (200 %) and overload (150 % for up to 60 sec)

▶ Operating control versions: simple LED and plain text LCD

▶ Integrated mains filter (EN 61800-3 C3) and integrated DC choke for 30 kW and higher

▶ Integrated brake chopper (up to 22 kW)

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