French inventor developing affordable metal 3D printer

man in Toulouse, France, is developing a 3D printer that can print in metal,
with goals of refining the device through open collaboration. reports that Jean-Michel Rogero and his team at Artilect Fablab have developed
a machine called StrongPrint, that uses processes that uses TIG (tungsten inert
gas) welding and has similarities with FDM (fused deposition modeling)

“Any metal that can
be printed with a TIG (welding) process – nearly all common metals would work,”
Rogero told

StrongPrint feeds
wire metal filament through and melted in a weld pool.

The machine is
currently unable to print more than three layers without creating a hole, said

He is hoping to
create a large community, as the RepRap project did, to help develop a printer
that is able to create objects in unlimited layers with layer heights of half a

Rogero also aims to keep the cost of making one of the machines under 1000 Euro.