Free earthmoving technology for MM readers!

WHILE there might be no such thing as a free lunch, Frank Chara of Mini Driveway Grader & Earthworks is offering Manufacturers’ Monthly readers some free, exciting new technology, set to have a dramatic impact on a new generation of earthmoving equipment. 

Yes, free. That’s zilch, nothing, no cost at all.

"Taking the technology to the next stage is just too big for me," Chara told Manufacturers’ Monthly.

"It all started with a chance discovery of a mechanical device when we were developing a small earthmoving machine, the TA-37, for our radio controlled business," he said.

"Now we would like to share it with others to develop it further so that it can be applied to other machines such as a snow plough, grader, aircraft or speed boat," he said.

The mechanical device is a simple secondary independent short lift arm attachment that, when fitted to a small skid steer loader, rotates the machine forward while it is pushing or digging material.

This rotating motion automatically increases the downward force on the machine. 

This results in a substantial traction increase with less wheel spin, because the ground pressure on the machine remains constant on all surfaces. 

As a result, the machine is able to increase the pushing and digging limits that are currently the bane of other machines on the market, according to Chara.

But on final completion of the TA-37 machine, using traditional methods, it was found to be quite expensive to produce. 

Chara says this is mainly due to the complex and increased functionality of the small earthmoving machine.

However, Chara believes that using lean manufacturing techniques and roll forming, with a supplementary press brake, manufacturers can minimise production costs to make the machine  price competitive.

"We have developed the machine so that 70% to 80% of the superstructure, including the upper, middle and lower sections together with the transmission housing, oil tank, front lift arm and mounting plate, is manufactured from roll forming," Chara said.

For more information on the TA-37 or the short lift arm attachment, call Frank Chara of Mini Driveway Grader & Earthworks on 0427 661 550.