Ford workers faces uncertain future

Production at Ford’s Broadmeadows factory in Melbourne has been suspended this week as the car maker prepares to downsize its operations at the plant due to declining Australian car sales.

Only a few employees have been present at work and they fear the company faces an uncertain future and is on a slow path to closure, the AFR reports.

This week, changes have been made to the production line before the 200 job losses at the Broadmeadow plant that are expected to be made in November.

An assembly line worker who did not want to be named, and has been working for Ford for 16 years, said his future and those of his workmates is not clear.

He expected Ford would continue its operations in Australia for the next two years but after that he was not sure.
Another employee who has been working with Ford for 19 years, and did not want his identity to be revealed said the car manufacturer did not have a future locally.

He added, “at this time, most cars that are sold by Ford in Australia are made overseas. They’re closing us down slowly.”

The employee stated that the mood at the site was one of worry as majority of workers at the factory were unsure of their future.

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