Ford touring schools to promote STEM skills

Ford Australia will tour Victorian and New South Wales schools from September to December in an effort to inspire children to pursue careers in the automotive industry.

The “Ford Fuels Innovation” campaign is a 10-stop tour which aims to show how STEM skills relate to today’s cars, which feature similar “semi-autonomous” technologies as those used in the robots. 

The tour will visit a number of schools and teen robotics competitions in the Sydney and Melbourne areas. The tour continues Ford’s support of STEM teams around the country who develop crash avoidance and mitigation systems for the robots, similar to Fords all new suite of radar and sensor-based driver assist technologies.

Working with FIRST Robotics over the course of the tour, the events will feature remote-controlled cars built out of Legos. Parents and kids will be invited to learn about how the vehicles were built, just as Ford vehicles are, and then challenge each other in a miniature event course.

Following much speculation that Ford could close down its Australian manufacturing operations earlier than first planned, the company last week confirmed its Broadmeadows car factory and Geelong engine plant will indeed shut down as planned on 7 October 2016.

The company posted a $191 million loss last year, its seventh loss in the past ten years.

Nevertheless, the company will retain its presence in this country. The company is investing more than $300 million in R&D this year.

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