Ford to hold on despite disastrous Falcon sales

Ford Australia will continue making cars in Australia until its planned exit date of October 2016, despite the sharp drop in Falcon sales.

The Australian reports that sales of the nation’s once most popular car, the Ford Falcon fell to just 381 units last month and further raised fears that Ford manufacturing workers would lose their jobs sooner than they expected.

However, Ford spokesman Wes Sherwood told the Australian the company intends to hold on until October next year.

“We are on track with our plan, which we announced nearly two years ago,’’ he said.

According to the Federation of Auto Parts Manufacturers (FAPM), it is not only Ford which is being hit by poor sales. All three local manufacturers are suffering.

FAPM chief executive Richard Reilly told the Australian production across all local car makers dropped last year to 174,000 vehicles, from 211,000 in the previous year.

He said state and federal governments need to look at how the auto components industry will be able to restructure in coming years.