Ford targets white-collar workers as US new car demand increases

Ford Motor Co. in the United States is hiring 800 more salaried workers than it announced in January as it races to keep up with demand.

AAP and others report that 2,200 salaried staff were to be hired, but this number has been revised up to 3,000.

According to Ford’s statement, 80 per cent of the vacant positions, “will be technical professionals who will work in product development, manufacturing, quality, purchasing and information

The car company is launching an advertising and social media campaign, titled “The Distance Between You and an Amazing Career Has Never Been Shorter”,  in its drive for skilled employees.

The effort to attract certain skilled workers may be difficult, Forbes explains, with electronic engineers, for example, being highly sought after by technology companies.

Ford’s headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan, might also make it difficult to attract skilled workers. It is located only 15 km from Detroit, the state’s troubled former capital city, which filed for bankruptcy earlier this month.

New car sales in the US have increased every month for the last 25 consecutive months, according to Bloomberg.

Ford announced in May that it would cease manufacturing in Australia in 2016. Later, its president of the Americas, Joe Hinrich’s explained that the high Australian dollar, the country’s remoteness and its lack of scale were factors in the decision


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