Ford Australia records $191 million loss for 2014

Ford Australia posted a loss of $191 million for last year
and recorded its worst annual vehicle sales since the 1960s.

According to the car maker, $167.2 million of the loss was
made up of redundancy and other costs associated with the end of its manufacturing
operations in 2016.

Ford sold 79,703 cars last year, according to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, the fewest
vehicles sold by the company since 1966’s 68,500.

Its best annual sales were in 1985, when it
sold 170,811 vehicles. This is more than the total amount of
Australian-made vehicles sold last year, which the FCAI puts at 100,468

News Corp reports that Ford’s losses amount to $1.3 billion over the last
decade, and total government assistance received was $1.1 billion.

Ford was the first of the remaining three passenger car
manufacturers in Australia to announce it would cease car assembly. Holden and
Toyota will follow it in shutting their factories in 2017.

Image: Ford Australia