Foodpro 2011, let’s get ready!

Foodpro, the preeminent triennial food and beverage trade show, will be returning to Sydney on Sunday 10 to Wednesday 13 July.

Filling 22,000 sq meters at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Foodpro 2011 is the biggest and most complete exhibition yet, encompassing all aspects of the industry.

More than 320 exhibitors are getting ready to showcase the most comprehensive display of developments and technologies to support Australian food and beverage manufacturers to excel through increased efficiencies, innovation, cost reduction, as well as quality assurance. 

Here is a sneak peek at some of the latest innovations to be unveiled at this year’s exhibition:

One of the many specialist exhibitors, Melbourne-based Visy Technology Systems, is a solution provider for end of line production identification and inspection systems. The company will showcase the new ARCA Bi Fuel Liner less Print and Apply Labeller machine at this year’s exhibition.

The innovative ARCA system prints barcodes and other product data on the tape stock as it is dispensed and cuts it to the desired label size at the time of application on a moving product, thus there is no label waste at the point of print and apply.

Also on show, SpaceKraft Asia Pacific will display the recyclable and reusable Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC). An extremely strong and robust container, the IBC is continuously wound from six or nine plies of corrugated board with no wooden or metal components. The IBC is widely used for export shipments, into and from, North and South America, Asia, Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

Catering for frozen goods, Amscorp Scientific presents the latest Knife pH probe designed to measure the pH value of both frozen and defrosted meat, cheese, fruit and other solid foods to assist in quality and standards of food stuffs. The probe features a stainless steel knife to protect it from damage without preventing the glass sensor from effectively measuring the pH value.

For the Ice Cream industry, Betslan plans to showcase the Sunfresh multipurpose range of Natural Australian Fruit Sauces at this year’s exhibition. Made with carefully sourced Australian Fruit, Sunfresh Natural Australian Fruit Sauces are multi functional and can be used either as Ripples, Toppings, or Sauces with a versatility to be used in a pencil filler, ripple dosing equipment or simply used as a topping.

Also on display at Foodpro, Sealed Air is presenting the Cryovac Freshness Plus packaging. Freshness Plus packaging maximises flavour and product colour, while reducing confinement odours allowing for extended shelf life and the elimination or reduction of additives and preservatives, as well as absorption sachets with their product.

Fluidquip Australia, catering for food safety at Foodpro, is presenting Hanovia UV disinfection for use in the food and beverage industry at the exhibition. UV disinfection offers a viable alternative to conventional disinfection techniques for ensuring safe, microbe-free water and processing fluids in the food and dairy manufacturing industries. UV also permits the reuse of water to improve availability and plant profitability, without risking the quality of the product.

Delivering increased efficiency, Cabinplant will display the recently introduced sensor gates for few-piece portions. With the aim of improving the weighing combination, Cabinplant invented an extra feature for he existing Cabinplant screw feeding multihead weigher. In order to minimize the number of duplets, triplets and empty fillings, sensor gates were mounted on each assembling pan enabling feedback on product filling in each pan to accurately weigh ‘few-piece’ portions.

Also on show, Heat and Control’s recently launched FastBack ClimbBack conveyor and Power on Demand (POD) further increases the efficiency and flexibility of processing lines. Conveying product up inclines of 8 degrees, the FastBack ClimbBack elevates product allowing compact placement of distribution conveyors and conveniently saving floor space.


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