Food labelling trends moving away from “natural” claims

According to research firm Innova Market Insights, food and beverage manufacturers are less keen to use the claim of "natural" on their labels.

Innova's Top Trends for 2013 identifies 10 movements in food for next year and beyond, with the two key findings involving "natural" labelling and The Aware Shopper.

Under the banner of "'Natural' Cracks Emerge", Innova notes that while the popularity of food with claims of naturalness has been growing over the years, there's a move in the other direction now. Labelling is becoming more likely to include claims of a product being additive- or preservative-free or GM-free.

Natural is not covered by any sort of legal definition, so the use of the term is becoming problematic.

The other key trend is the greater role of The Aware Shopper in the market. Such a consumer demands the food industry provide credibility, transparency and accountability.