FLIR launches new Ex-Series thermal imagers

FLIR has launched its new thermal imaging cameras, the FLIR Ex-Series.

According to the company this new series of cameras are designed for electrical and mechanical inspections, and provide the operator with the ability to detect potential problem areas so that installations can be quickly and easily inspected and breakdowns avoided.

They are designed to provide predictive maintenance capabilities.

“The Ex-Series cameras are easy to use thermal imaging cameras that give the user access to a new dimension in inspection capability,” FLIR says.

“An affordable replacement for a spot pyrometer, they provide a thermal image with temperature information on every pixel; a FLIR thermal imaging camera can scan an entire area, never missing a potential problem,” it added.

Designed with a fixed focus-free lens, the Ex-Series is extremely easy to operate and designed for entry level users, and with an ability to measure temperature up to more than 250 degrees Celsius, they can produce instant ‘point and shoot’ JPEG thermal imagery with all the required temperature data included.

Constructed with a built-in visual camera that makes observing and inspecting faster and easier, as the visual image can be used as a reference against the thermal image, the camera features patented MSX technology that provides thermal images of high quality in real time.

Weighing in at only 575 grams, theEx-Series is light and able to be carried in a belt pouch.

The cameras also come with free softwarethat allows users to import thermal images to a PC for basic reporting andanalysis.

This means users can layout, move, and resize measurement tools on any thermal image; create PDF image sheets; add headers, footers and logos to reports; and apply filters when searching for specific thermal images.

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