Flexible electronics researcher named in top 10 APAC innovators list

A RESEARCHER from RMIT University has been named one of the top 10 innovators aged under 35 in the Asia Pacific, thanks to her work in transforming flexible electronics into transparent stretchable devices.


Dr Madhu Bhaskaran is Senior Lecturer and Co-Leader of the Functional Materials and Microsystems Research Group at RMIT University. MIT Technology Review named her as one of the top innovators aged under 35 in the Asia Pacific region.


Dr. Madhu Bhaskaran is an emerging research leader in the field of ultra-small, transparent electronic devices that flex and stretch.


All electronic devices rely on oxide materials, which are often found in the form of ultra-thin coatings that are prepared at high temperatures.


It is possible to create enhanced functionality and performance by integrating multifunctional oxide thin layers in flexible devices.


However, because oxides are brittle and require high temperature processing, this integration has been limited thus far.


Dr Bhaskaran is seeking to bypass these limitations by combining two materials together to potentially create flexible electronics that can be applied to surfaces, or easily worn on a person. Potential applications include personal, low-cost sensors for toxic gases or ultra-violet radiation.


The ability to combine any functional oxide with biocompatible substrate material also allows the creation of biomedical devices to monitor or stimulate nerve cells and organs.


In addition to her research, Dr Bhaskaran is passionate about communicating science to public, enhancing support for women in research, and training of next generation researchers.

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