Flame retardant products maker Alexium selects US supplier

Alexium  has selected the Marlin Company to be the second toll manufacturer of the emulsion used in Alexium’s Nycolon, Nuvalon, and Polytron flame retardant products.

The Marlin Company, located in Lenoir, North Carolina and close to Alexium’s plant in South Carolina, is a well-established custom blender and toll manufacturer with ISO 9001:2008 certification. As a toll manufacturer for Alexium, the Marlin Company offers large-scale production and blending capacity to supply the textile market.

Marlin Company, Inc. manufactures industrial chemical products for the textile, metal, automotive, and paper industry – based on each customer’s own formulations and specifications.

In addition to producing chemical blends to specifications, Marlin also has the capability to assist in the formulation, laboratory, and pilot phase of any chemical blending project, while safeguarding customers’ formulations and intellectual property.

In order to ship product to customers in the US and overseas, Alexium and Marlin Chemicals have scheduled the first production run in mid-March, using Marlin’s 1750 gallon blending vessel. This initial production run is expected to produce approximately 2.5 metric tons of product for Alexium’s customers.

Nicholas Clark, Alexium’s Chief Executive Officer said in a statemnt that this agreement with Marlin adds to the first toll production agreement with In Chem in South Carolina.

Alexium will continue its relationship with In-chem Chemical for the Ascalon FR product, but will shift certain production to Marlin to meet processing requirements not able to be met by In-chem.