First graphene factory opened in Geelong

The first graphene factory in the country has been opened in Geelong, which can “consider itself the graphene capital of Australia” according to the company behind it.

The Geelong Advertiser reports that Imagine Intelligent Materials has opened its pilot-scale production plant in North Geelong, capable of producing up to 10 tonnes of the nanomaterial a year.

“The commissioning of this plant positions Imagine IM as one of the few graphene companies anywhere in the world with a path to market,” said Imagine IM CEO Chris Gilbey.

“Geelong can now consider itself the graphene capital of Australia”.

The plant was built by engineering firm Austeng. The one atom-thick product will be used under licence by Geofabrics Australasia – which was a winner at the recent Endeavour Awards – in self-reporting geotextiles.


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