First Families of Wine to target China

The First Families of Wine, comprising a dozen of Australia's top family winemakers, will increasingly focus on the Chinese market.

Harpers Wine and Spirit Trades Review reports that new chairman of the group, Mitchell Taylor of Taylors Wine, has said the group, “needed to look harder at the opportunities export markets present”.

China is the fastest growing market for Australian wine by both volume and value, according to the most recent figures from Wine Australia.

"China's demand for premium wine continues to drive strong growth in the higher price segments, with the above $10.00 per litre segment a stand-out, up 37 per cent," said Wine Australia head Andrew Cheeseman at the time the figures were released.

The new chairman of First Families, replacing Ross Brown of Brown Brothers, has said the group plans a China and Hong Kong launch next year, and has recognised the potential of the Chinese market.

“China has long been identified as a market with great potential for Australian wine,” said Taylor.

“To have the greatest impact our industry needs to speak with a unified voice in China.”

The First Families was formed in 2009 in a response to falling values per litre of exported Australian wine and the perception by some abroad of Australian wine being cheap and unsophisticated.

It has been reported both in Manufacturers' Monthly and elsewhere that the Asian Century presents significant opportunities for Australian food and beverage manufacturers, as the growing Asian middle class demands higher quality products.

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