FireEye report: cyber financial attacks on the rise

A new report from research firm FireEye, shows that cyber attacks on industry’s financial systems are on the rise, and they are harder to detect.

According to the M-Trends 2017 report, construction and engineering companies face the greatest threat of cyber attacks in the APAC region.

On the plus side, the time it takes for companies to detect cyber attacks have narrowed significantly. In 2016 the median time for detection was 99 days, down from 146 days in 2015.  The decrease suggests that organisations are getting better at identifying breaches.

Additional findings of the report include is that corporate email theft continues to rise. The report says “the volume of email stolen through the years is likely greater than all other forms of electronic data theft combined.”

Also, hackers that use phishing scams have been calling victims on the telephone to help them enable macros in a phishing document.