Fighter aircraft part manufactured in Melbourne

Australian Minister for Defence Material, Jason Clare announced yesterday of the first Australian made part for the first Joint Strike Fighter aircraft AU-1.

Manufactured by Lovitt Technologies in Melbourne, this component is a part of the structure that attaches the aircraft’s wings to its fuselage.

The component will be shipped to Lockheed Martin in Fort Worth, Texas where all parts will be put together to assemble Australia’s first F-35 A Joint Strike Fighter.

After the training and testing in Arizona, it will be transported to Australian in 2018 as the first of a fleet of next generation fighter planes reports Defence Professionals.

Clare said, “It leaves as a part and comes back as a plane- one of the most advanced fighter planes in the world.”

He went on to say that “Australian companies have been manufacturing parts for Joint Strike Fighters for 10 years, but these are the first major parts that have been made for an Australian Joint Strike Fighter.”

JSF program provides more than $ 300 million worth of work for Australian companies.

This comes as good news for the 77 per cent Australians wanting more domestic defence products to be built in Australia. This research was commissioned by the Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union.

The AMWU survey also revealed that 78 percent of the respondents said they wanted Australian products and services used on infrastructure projects even if they cost more.

Australians are passionate about its manufacturing sector and want to see their industry survive, excel and create more jobs well into the future.

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