Fertiliser factory blast near Waco, Texas

A fertiliser plant in the town of West, 32 km north of Waco, Texas, has exploded, with reports that over 100 people have been injured.

The Guardian reports that the blast damaged many houses nearby and collapsed a nursing home through an explosion at the ammonia plant, which took place at roughly 8 pm, local time.

Fairfax cites an unverified comment by a Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman, who said that there were "probably hundreds of casualties".

AFP cites an unverified report on local TV station KWTX that 60 to 70 people had been killed.

Youtube footage purportedly of the blast can be seen here.

Wire service AP claims that the blast could be heard as far away as 45 miles (72 km) from the site, and several fires continued to burn two hours after the blast.

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