Federal government sits down with manufacturers

On Wednesday, July 31, Minister for Industry, Science, and Technology, Karen Andrews, invited industry leaders to Canberra to directly understand the state of the sector.

The roundtable included leaders from industry associations, large companies, research organisations, and universities, as well as government representatives.

With many opportunities for local manufacturers are part of coming technological transformations yet uncertainty about the future of the sector, the roundtable was an opportunity for government to demonstrate its commitment to manufacturing.

“The roundtable discussed ways to enable the transformation of our traditional and emerging manufacturing industries, to build our competitive advantage and thrive in global markets and value chains,” said Andrews.

The discussions looked into ways to strengthen the sector and to enable it to deal with change and disruption.

“Improving take up of technology, developing the skills of our workforce, increasing our export focus and enhancing productivity were also key points of consideration,” said Andrews.

With one in ten workers across Australia employed in manufacturing, the government hoped to demonstrate its commitment to manufacturing to remain a significant part of the national economy.

“Australia’s manufacturing industries are a vital element of our economy, they’re a big employer and producer of products and services,” said Andrews.

The government also acknowledged the flow on effects of a healthy manufacturing sector, and how it contributes to the health of the wider society.

“Manufacturing creates value across the economy through its demand for research and development, design and engineering services, production, logistics and after sales service,” said Andrews.

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