FARO launches new handheld 3D laser scanner to meet growing demand for portable scanning

World-leading provider of 3D measurement, imaging and realisation
technologies, FARO Technologies, Inc. has unveiled the FARO Scanner
Freestyle3D, a new handheld 3D laser scanner designed for use in Architecture,
Engineering and Construction (AEC), Law Enforcement, and various industries.

Equipped with a Microsoft Surface tablet, Freestyle3D offers
unprecedented real-time visualisation by allowing the user to view point cloud
data as it is captured. Offering the capability to scan to a distance of up to
three metres and capture up to 88K points per second with accuracy better than
1.5mm, the Freestyle3D scanner also features a patent-pending,
self-compensating optical system to enable users to start scanning immediately
without any warm-up time.

Presenting the Freestyle3D as the latest addition to the FARO 3D
laser scanning portfolio, FARO’s President and CEO Jay Freeland explained that
the new scanner was developed following the successful adoption of their Focus3D scanners
for long-range scanning, thereby providing customers with the same intuitive
feel and ease-of-use in a handheld device.

Key benefits of the Freestyle3D handheld 3D laser scanners include portability
enabling users to manoeuvre and scan in tight and hard-to-reach areas such as
car interiors, under tables and behind objects; ideal solution for crime scene
data collection or architectural preservation and restoration activities; memory-scan
technology enabling users to pause scanning at any time and resume data
collection where they left off without the use of artificial targets; and
user-friendly device weighing less than 1kg.

The Freestyle3D can be employed as a standalone device to scan
areas of interest, or used with FARO’s Focus3D X 130/ X 330 scanners.
Point cloud data from all of these devices can be seamlessly integrated and
shared with all of FARO’s software visualisation tools including FARO SCENE, WebShare
Cloud, and FARO CAD Zone packages.