Fake Toyota parts headed here intercepted in China

Authorities in China have staged a raid on a warehouse after a tip-off from Toyota, seizing roughly 33,000 fake car parts headed for Australia.

News Corp Australia reports that the raid followed a Federal Court case by Toyota Australia last year against distributors of fake Toyota parts.

An email to Toyota’s Australian dealer network reads: “Local authorities in China, acting on the information provided by (Toyota) conducted a raid on the supplier’s facility which is located in Guangzhou, China, and discovered a large quantity of counterfeit Toyota parts”.

Motoring.com reports that the seized fake goods had a value of over $1 million, and included filters, cables, airbags and brake pads.

It comes during a campaign by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries against counterfeit parts.

“While this seizure is shocking, sadly it’s not uncommon and using counterfeit parts, knowingly or otherwise, means you’re taking a huge risk,” said the FCAI’s chief executive Tony Weber in a statement.